University and Careers Counselling

Our goal at ISHR is to encourage students to envision the best possible future for themselves and to guide them through the first steps towards a successful, meaningful, and fulfilling professional life. In the years before graduation students learn about the world of work, they evaluate their strengths, passions, values and aspirations, and they explore career options.

Information Resources

Our school receives college literature, summer schools information, scholarship announcements, and details about career events. A selection of university prospects, magazines, and books as well as a notice board with relevant posters can be found in A wing by the counsellor office. Check those regularly for updates. A list of electronic resources is available on the ISHR University and Career Resource Page. 

Events and University Visits

Every year ISHR organizes two university fairs, one in November (focused on North American institutions) and one in March (focused on European institutions). Throughout the year our school welcomes university representatives to meet with our students.

As a university representative, If you would like to be in touch with our school, receive information about university fairs and career events, or you would like us to have your contact details when we need further information or support from your university, please fill in our University Representative Contact information form.  If you would like to visit our school, please get in touch with our academic counselor Carin D’Souza. 


Transcripts/Document Request Information

In the process of applying to universities, gap year programs, summer schools or internships, you might need a variety of documents. Please fill in the Academic Document Request form to request transcripts, recommendation letters, diploma statements, etc. Document request are processed once a week, and some documents might take up to two weeks to be issued. Please submit the request way ahead of the submission deadline. 

Standardized Tests at ISHR

ISHR offers The College Board PSAT and SAT I and II examinations several times a year. 

The Cambridge Assessment Admissions Tests are also administered at our school. For details about the tests, dates, and costs visit the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing  page and speak to the academic counsellor if you intend to take the test.  


Standardized Tests 2019/2020
TESTTest DateRegistration DeadlineRegistration
PSATWednesday, October 30, 2019Tuesday, October 1, 2019Email Ms. D'Souza
Cambridge Assessment Tests (UK admissions exams to Cambridge, Oxford, Medical Schools)Wednesday, October 30, 2019Friday, September 13, 2019Email Ms. D'Souza
SATSaturday, December 7, 2019Friday, November 8, 2019Register with College Board
SATSaturday, March 14, 2020Friday, February 14, 2020Register with College Board
PSATWednesday, April 22, 2020Wednesday, April 1, 2020Email Ms. D'Souza



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