Student Life at ISHR

The school environment beyond the classroom is a critical part of student development and an important component of becoming well-rounded members of society. We strive to provide our students with the proper balance of academics and creative and athletic expression so they can be successful both in and outside of the classroom. At ISHR, we make sure to offer engaging extracurriculars to our students that offer leadership opportunities, involvement in the local community, physical fitness, and creative outlets. In addition to what we offer inside the school campus, as an IB school we know that we fail our students if we don’t offer them opportunities to experience the world around them. Our students participate in many field trips that take them all over the globe and enrich their cultural understanding as only travel can.


Extracurriculars at ISHR

Our after-school extracurricular activities range from the cerebral to the athletic and everything in between. From karate and football to drama and band, we have something for everyone.

School Meals and Hours

ISHR cafeteria teaser

Want to know what the cafeteria is serving? What our school hours are? Click here to find out more.

Creativity. Activity. Service.

Creativity Activity Service

Joining an IB school means learning to care about and engage with the world around us, and at ISHR we believe it’s never too early for our students to make a difference. In an effort to foster the growth of engaged, active world citizens, our students engage in service projects.

Immersive Learning

G2 Outdoor learing

Hands-on learning and education beyond the classroom walls are integral components of education at ISHR. From FTC robotics competitions to maker spaces; to cultivating our school garden and to field trips near and far, we offer many opportunities for our students to learn about the world around them.

My Voice

If you are concerned or worried about a student or yourself,  please complete the MyVoice online reporting form so that we can offer support and help you through your difficulties. 

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