Library Services

Welcome to the ISHR library, a centre of literacy and learning dedicated to the entire community. Our goal is to foster a love of reading and learning for our students, as well as to provide the appropriate resources and assistance for research.

“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life.”

– Sidney Sheldon

What can you expect?

Library and research skills are taught on an individual and group basis with flexibly scheduled classes, and as mini skill lessons as desired by the faculty. Instruction during formal class and informal individual situations will assist each student as he/she learns to define pertinent research strategies, obtain information, locate materials efficiently and effectively and, overall, become information literate.

Early Years and Primary classes have one period per week of scheduled library time. Classroom teachers, with the assistance of the librarian if required, will plan and conduct the lessons to enhance the classroom programs. Formal library and research skills programs are scheduled for Middle School classes during some of their advisory sessions.

The library holds special events and activities (visiting authors, book clubs, book fairs, etc.) throughout the school year.

We welcome all of our community to the library: parents, staff, and students.

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Looking for a book to read? Find what you need in our Online Catalog!

Access to our collection as well as online resources including research databases, Britannica, JSTOR, ebooks for Primary and Secondary and BrainPOP/BrianPOP Jr, can be accessed 24 hours a day. Click this link to view our online catalog: ISHR Library.

FREE books: We also have a plethora of books anyone can borrow in the two cases flanking the Aula doors in the A block. Feel free to also donate any books you are finished reading to these cabinets or to the library.

Our book Collection includes board books, picture books aka Everybody Books, early chapter books, graphic novels, manga, primary fiction books, middle school fiction books, and Young Adult/YA books, including a primary and secondary nonfiction section, and a large mother tongue section supporting multiple languages other than English and German. Come browse our collection sometime!

Library Hours

The library is open from 8:15 until 15:15. Stop by during these times to check out a book, browse, study, read quietly, or ask a research question.

NOTE: NO food or drink allowed in the library except water bottles.

Need to return a book? Please feel free to use the library drop box just inside the main entrance to the library or the book drop box located at the main entrance to the school.

ISHR Library
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