Learning Enrichment

Our three Learning Enrichment (LE) teachers work closely with the teachers, counselors, and parents to ensure that ISHRs students’ academic needs are supported. The program offers a range of services including consultation with classroom teachers, evaluations, observations, in-class support and/or small group instruction. The LE program is designed to serve a small number of students in need of academic assistance or with mild learning disabilities. Students come into the Learning Enrichment Program through a recommendation from a previous school, an IEP, or a referral from a classroom teacher. A teacher referral begins the process to establish an individual education plan of support for the student.

When a student is not meeting grade level expectations within the classroom, there is the potential to receive more intensive educational support outside the general education classroom with a Learning Enrichment teacher.  This support could be on an individual basis or with a small group of similar-aged students, with similar educational and/or behavioral needs.  This level of support will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it continues to be appropriate.  

The kinds of things our Learning Enrichment Teachers at ISHR help address and support might be:  

  1. Attention and focus in class
  2. Study skills and organization
  3. Difficulties in accessing the curriculum
  4. Difficulties retaining information
  5. Processing information
  6. Essay writing skills
  7. Behaviors that cause barriers to learning.

This is not an exhaustive list and if you have any concerns, please send any member of the WSST or your child's homeroom teacher/advisor/Grade Level leader an email.

Learning enrichment services

Learning enrichment services at ISHR address and support the following needs:  

  1. Attention and focus
  2. Study skills and organization
  3. Language difficulties 
  4. Math difficulties
  5. Difficulties retaining information
  6. Slow processing speed
  7. Essay writing skills
  8. Behavior interfering with learning

Contact Persons

Learning Enrichment Specialist For Early Years - 4th Grade

Janice Myles


Learning Enrichment Specialist For 5th - 9th Grades

Katie Drury-Tanner


Learning Enrichment Specialist For 10th - 12th Grades

Susan Axenbeck


Learning Enrichment Specialist For Early Years - 4th Grade

Maggie Browne


Currently on maternity leave