Lower Primary School: The Early Years

At ISHR, our Lower Primary School section offers an English language program for local and international children between the ages of 3 - 6, with the goal of educating both heart and mind. Students can join us in our Nursery program as they turn three years of age. Our experienced team of educators believes that young children learn most effectively through play, social interactions, and a rich variety of inquiry experiences. We offer small groups where learning is hands-on, support is individual, and children and cultures from all over the world are celebrated. Using the inquiry-based IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and influenced by the philosophy and values of the schools of Reggio-Emilia, our educators work with students to problem-solve, question and reflect, and take action. Building phonemic awareness and pre-literacy skills as well as foundational skills for mathematics is woven into each day. Specialist teachers in the fields of art, music, physical education and library are an integral part of our program. Outdoor learning is also considered vital to our students’ development and children spend considerable time outside, rain or shine, each day.

General information

General information

Students aged 3-6 (Mixed Kindergarten, Sr. Kindergarten, and Grade 1) enrolled in the Lower Primary School section of ISHR follow the International Baccalaureate Organization’s Primary Years Program (IB-PYP).

Our lower Primary School embraces ISHR's philosophy of education. It is committed to stimulating and developing each child's individual abilities and qualities to their highest potential. This is achieved by providing a stimulating, safe, nurturing and creative environment. The PYP empowers the students to lead a fulfilling and productive life in an increasingly changing world. It is based upon active learning experiences, creative problem solving within authentic contexts, and a deep belief in the uniqueness of each learner. Each child is valued and enabled to discover and appreciate who they are, what they may become and what they can contribute to the family, school, state and the world. The programme encourages understanding and appreciation of world cultures and a respect for the world’s environment.

Our Lower Primary School aims to provide early childhood education for the international community. It is a program of full English immersion, in a classroom which is non competitive and adult supported. It aims to provide a foundation for the development of skills, knowledge and conceptual understanding required for successful participation in school and community life. The programme provides a secure, stimulating and supportive environment for children, where learning takes place and creative expression is encouraged. The programme is designed for children to make meaningful choices and share responsibilities as they go through the learning process.

The Lower Primary School programme includes core subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science as well as Art, Music and Physical Education. Play is an essential component in our curriculum. Through play, children acquire skills that will enable them to explore their own environment, solve problems, work co-operatively and achieve success.

Children learn continuously in every environment, especially at home and at school. It is important that close contact is established between parents and teachers. The support of parents is essential in developing a good attitude towards school and work. For more information about what constitutes an IB Education, please view this video. 

Useful Links

Useful PYP Links

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From our on-campus garden, to outdoor learning activities, to field trips, learning beyond the classroom is an essential component of an ISHR education.

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