School Life

School hours

School hours


Monday – Thursday 8.25 - 14.45

Friday 8.25 - 13:30  

Before and after school service can be offered to our kindergarten students upon request: Monday - Friday from 8.00 - 8.25 and after school until 17.00.


Grades 1 - 5

Monday – Thursday 8.25 – 15.10

Friday 8.25 – 13.45



Monday – Friday 8.25 – 15.10


Class enrolment rarely exceeds more than 20 students. Students who are not fluent in English are provided with special EAL (English as an Additional Language) classes until they are comfortable in reading and writing the language. The school also employs trained special education Learning Support teachers to support the special needs some students may have, as well as two full-time School Counsellors.



School meals

School Meals

ISHR offers all students the choice to participate in a hot lunch programme that is provided by White Kitchen Catering. Menu prices for 2020-2021 can be found here.






About White Kitchen Catering

White Kitchen is a catering company run and owned by Erik Nielsen. The team of White Kitchen offers healthy and delicious food for both children and staff. 

Your children can choose between two menus that change daily, both of which include a salad from the salad bar. White Kitchen offers a vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal every day except Friday's, when both meals are non-vegetarian. However, vegetarian students do have the option of eating at the salad bar on Friday or purchasing a non-meat sandwich roll. In addition to school lunches, snacks, a salad bar, rolls, and drinks are available for purchase throughout the day.

White Kitchen also provide parents and teachers with coffee until 16.00. You can buy hot drinks such as Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino, Espresso, Hot Chocolate and more. 

These articles can be paid for in cash or via White Kitchen's pre-paid system.

To create a family account, please follow this link. Parents can charge the account with cash, online transfer or debit card.

With kind regards,
Erik Nielsen
(White Kitchen)

School Clothes

School Clothes

Please find our selection of school clothes at our Unicum webshop