Immersive Learning

At ISHR, we know that learning beyond the classroom is an essential component of knowledge acquisition and development. Learning by doing is equally important. We encourage our students to solve problems with design challenges, and many of our classrooms include makerspaces so our students can tinker and create prototypes. We have a dedicated Maker Space for Primary students with a Secondary space in development. With an outdoor learning specialist on staff and our growing garden and HANOLE (HANnover Outdoor LEarning) garden that students can access during the day, we offer many opportunities for our outdoor learning. Additionally, field trips play a critical role in shaping a student's understanding of the world around them, whether it's by visiting local attractions or spending time abroad with classmates. Whether your son our daughter is traveling to nearby Wolfsburg to explore the Phaeno science museum, to the Harz Mountains to study geology, or traveling internationally, we offer numerous trips that enhance the learning experience and broaden cultural awareness.

Outdoor Learning

TIDE (Technology, Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship)

Field Trips