About Hannover

Moving to a new country, especially if you don't speak the language, can be overwhelming. To help alleviate some of that, we've compiled a few lists of essentials: who to call in an emergency, where the urgent care clinics are, as well as recommendations on where to eat in the city and where to buy furniture.

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Experience Hannover

With gorgeous outdoor spaces - including Europe's largest urban forest, world-renowned museums, a vibrant downtown centre, premier league sports teams, and numerous festivals, Hannover has something for everyone.

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Calendars Förderverein


Click here for our upcoming events and annual school calendars.

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ISHR's Förderverein, or Friends of the School, is a dynamic network of individuals that supports student learning and the growth of the school. Please consider joining this important organisation.

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Parent Teacher Organisation (PTA)

We are a group of parents and teachers who are actively involved in the planning of various events and activities for our children and school. We are always looking for motivated volunteers!

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Learning Assistance Programme (LAP)

The Learning Assistance Programme (LAP) is an internationally recognized programme providing individual support for students through the positive participation of volunteers.

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