Centre for Professional Growth

We are passionate about offering relevant, challenging, and engaging professional development for teachers around the world. All of our programs are designed to nurture a professional learning community that values inquiry, inclusiveness, and above all, a belief in the transformative nature of education.

2018-2019 Workshop Offerings

We have many additional workshops being finalised and will post them as logistics are completed. To sign-up or to obtain more information, please contact Darran Litchfield by email or at +49 511 270 416 74.


October 29 - 30Path to Mindful Teaching For information about this course, please click here.
November 8 - 9Action & Agency Through Making This workshop blends conceptual understanding and knowledge with practical pedagogical strategies and approaches, and is designed for primary/elementary homeroom teachers, as well as technology specialists and leaders.  Throughout the two days, we model and introduce thinking routines, questioning strategies, and approaches to encourage and support agency and action through design. For more information, please click here.
March 4 - 5  I AM READING. Teach children to read with meaning, engagement and joy. Join Kathy Collins as she shares the latest ideas and research-based practices to support children to become the kinds of readers who make meaning in any text, who respond to books in a variety of ways, and who develop healthy reading identities. More information here.
March 28 - 29Transdisciplinary Learning. Join Andy Vasily as he helps us plan rich and meaningful provocations that begin the unpacking process in order to co-construct important success criteria related to the units we teach in the classroom and in single subjects. More information here. 

Regularly Scheduled Offerings