Counselling Services

ISHR's counsellors work closely with teachers and parents to ensure that ISHR’s students are supported. Any student may approach the counsellors during the school day or contact them to make an appointment. The school counsellors will provide the student with opportunities to work through his or her concerns in a non-judgmental, caring and understanding environment. The counsellors also offer preventative programs to address school-wide needs across the sections. Our counselling services aim to assist students who are experiencing difficulties which may interfere with their academic, personal, social or family life. A wide range of services and interventions are available to assist in addressing problems or concerns like student behavior, relationships, separation/divorce, bullying, friendship problems, alcohol/drugs, stress, illness or bereavement.

Our Services

Counselling services may involve:

  • Individual or group counseling
  • Conflict resolution, mediation and coaching
  • Supporting ISHR staff in addressing students’ needs
  • Consultation with parents
  • Support and guidance to families through workshops and seminars
  • Preventative programs as part of the Units of Inquiry or Advisory curriculum

Counselling sessions are set up according to needs and availability. Counselling operates on a walk-in and appointment basis. The school counsellors may also assist parents in accessing external resources within the community. 

The counsellors are bound to confidentiality as outlined in the ISHR Confidentiality Policy. 

Contact Persons

Any student or parent may approach the counsellors for a meeting. To schedule an appointment, please email and the counsellor will get back to you as soon as possible.

Early Years and Primary School

Katja Litchfield

0511/ 27042675

Tuesday - Friday
8:35 - 15:10

Secondary School

Dan Furness

0511/ 270426206