Support Services

ISHR's Student Services supports students across the school population from early years through 12th grade. It consists of learning enrichment, counselling, university/careers counselling, and language support. These groups work closely as a team to support students, their teachers, and parents with a wide range of services to meet the academic, emotional and social needs of our students. Further information concerning each group is provided below.

Our Services

Learning Enrichment

To meet the academic needs of our students, ISHR offers a Learning Enrichment (LE) Program to support students with learning needs in Early Years, Primary and Secondary School.

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Counselling Services

To meet the emotional, behavioral, social and psychological needs of our students, ISHR offers a comprehensive school counseling program for all Early Years, Primary and Secondary School students.

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University and Careers Counselling

At ISHR, we prepare our students for bright futures. Whether your child is considering a gap year, plans to head straight to university upon graduation, or none of the above, our full-time university and career counsellor will help your student explore suitable careers, discuss IB course selections, and assist with university or gap year information. We are also available to help parents with any questions that arise during the process and regularly host workshops for parents.

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English as an Additional Language

When students enter our school at any age, we assess their language capabilities and in collaboration with their teachers, our EAL specialists, and the parents, we formulate a plan to help every student succeed.

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Mother Tongue

Maintenance of mother tongue language is an important part of the IB curriculum as well as integral to ISHR's language philosophy.

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Mother tongue