2021 IB Diploma Results

The International School Hannover Region is proud to share the fantastic results of our graduating class of 2021. There were 50 students completing the full IB Diploma Programme in 2021 out of which 10 have attended ISHR since Kindergarten. Each student registered for the IB Diploma Programme successfully completed it, achieving an average point score of 35.20. The global average point score was 33.02. In order to obtain the Diploma, students must achieve a minimum of 24 points and the maximum points that can be awarded is 45 points. At ISHR students scores ranged from 26 – 45, with 48% of our students obtaining a Bilingual Diploma from the IB, with an average grade awarded to students of 5.6. Our IB Diploma Programme graduates are to be commended on their individual and collective achievements.

We are looking forward to hearing from our alumni in the months ahead. However, the data on student destinations for the class of 2021 is taking shape as the start of the new academic year begins. 7 students intend to study in the Netherlands in Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden Rotterdam and Tilburg for example. 4 students will study in the UK at the following Universities; Lancaster, Birmingham, Manchester, Hult University London. Three students have indicated that they will study at Leibniz and or via the Studienkolleg route. Other destinations range from the University of De Paul, University Chicago, Florida Tech and the Australian National University.  While 10 students have decided to take a gap year.

At ISHR, as a non-selective school, we are proud of the fact that all of our students experienced the success of obtaining the IB Diploma. Our congratulations to all students and thanks to all of the teachers who have taught, supported and guided our graduating students throughout their academic journey at ISHR.

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