2020 IB Diploma Results

2020 was a pandemic year where IB cancelled the written exam session and assessed students utilizing an algorithm that took into account their Internal Assessments, predicted grade and global and school historical averages. Several students’ results were appealed through an IB appeals process. Several grades were raised resulting in scores which we believe were fair and accurate for the class of 2020.

  • 48 of 50 (96%) of students from ISHR’s graduating classes of 2020 studied for and attempted the full diploma of six subjects.
  • 46 (96%) of those 48 full diploma entry students scored the necessary points to be awarded  the full diploma. Worldwide the average was 79.1%.
  • The average grade obtained by students was 5.02. The average grade obtained by students worldwide was 4.80.
  • The ISHR average point score for candidates who passed the diploma was 32.13 points. world-wide average  was 29.92.
  • 56% of our students obtained the bilingual diploma compared to an average bilingual diploma of 24.75% worldwide.
  • You can view the point distribution below. 
ISHR vs. Association of German International SchoolsISHRWorldwideAssociation of German International Schools
 2017-2019 Average20192020
Full IB DP Enrollment of Graduates97%100%96%51%96%
Candidates achieving the diploma91%89%96%79.1%81% (median 91%)
Average point scores of students who achieved the diploma31.931.8 (median 30)32.13 (median 32.5)29.9233
Bilingual Diploma64%56%56%25%51% (median 59)
Students who obtained > 40 points10%15.6%14.5 %10%15% (median 16%)


Point Score Ranges

Point Distribution