from December 2022

What’s your name?

Jil Rüter (née Goertzen)

How many years did you attend ISHR?

10 years

What year did you graduate?


What are you up to now?

After my Bachelor and Masters Studies in the U.S., I started off working in the fashion industry. A couple years and experiences later I have now specialised as a Product Manager in the Medical/Cosmetics Sector. Besides working for lavera, a Hannover based natural cosmetics company, I have founded my own start-up brand called „chillie“ and invented a patented 2-in-1 dog leash innovation, which is now on the market.

What was your favorite subject at ISHR?

Music and English

In what ways do you feel ISHR prepared you for what came next?

ISHR and its IB curriculum has strongly fostered my entrepreneurial and innovative drive. In addition, ISHR has always taught me to combine personal interests with professional ventures. The rigorous IB curriculum also taught me the fundamentals of business and has allowed me to grow an international network.

What was the biggest challenge you faced in adapting to life after ISHR?

One of the biggest changes was leaving the comfort zone that was ISHR. ISHR provided me with a safe haven that combined friends, family and memorable experiences. Post ISHR required me to build up a whole new life without being guided on a day-to-day basis and being surrounded by a trusted support cast.

What advice would you give to current students or your former self?

To never give up and to follow your dreams, even if they at the point in time seem unreachable.

What’s your favorite memory from your time at ISHR?

Looking back there are many different things coming to my mind, including field trips, athletic events and graduation. In particular, the annual Spring Fling Festival is one that I have the fondest memories of. Spring Fling was a summer event that brought the entire international community of the school together and offered multiple attractions like global food stalls, jumping castles and raffles. A day full of joy!

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