LAP is a volunteer-based mentoring programme designed to enrich the wellbeing and learning outcomes of our students.

The Learning Assistance Programme (LAP) is an internationally recognized programme providing individual support for students through the positive participation of volunteers. These volunteers work in partnership with the students’ teachers, their parents or guardians and the programme co-ordinators to provide dedicated time and activities each week that meet their individual needs, whether these be academic, language or social and emotional. There are currently over 30 volunteers each working with at least one student from ISHR and 5 programme co-ordinators support them in their work. These co-ordinators are parents of students in school and staff members.

Please visit the LAP display board in the glass corridor for further information, to pick up a leaflet or to find out about upcoming events. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please email the coordinating team.

If you are a parent or guardian and you feel that your child may benefit from participation in LAP please discuss this with their homeroom teacher, who can then make a referral to the team if appropriate.