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G10 Personal Projects

Today, ISHR’s Grade 10 students presented their MYP Personal Projects.

The MYP personal project is a long-term practical investigation designed to allow students to engage in a self-directed independent learning experience. Ultimately, students learn about themselves as learners, timekeepers, researchers and creators, and then have the opportunity to share those learnings with members of our school community.

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Health Project (Sport & Diet)
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Getting CO2 out of the air.
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Improving Lives of African Farmers

A huge ‘thank you’ to Claire Sands Baker, Co-founder and Director of The Toothpick Project who visited our G6 students this week.

This company is working hard to combat the threat that parasitic plants present in Kenya’s agriculture. Ms Baker explained to her engaged audience how they have created a biological solution to this biological problem. Using a live active inoculum from a fungal-coated toothpick, The Toothpick Project arms smallholder farmers with bio-herbicide to help them kill Striga; a destructive parasitic weed that attacks the roots of staple crops in sub-Saharan Africa.

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4th graders raise more than 2000 € for BOS

ISHR’s 4th graders raised more than 2000 € for BOS (Borneo Orangutan Survival Deutschland) which works to protect the orangutans of Borneo and their natural habitat.

In addition to raising awareness, this enables our students to adopt four orangutans – Topan, Taymur, Bumi and Kopral – for one year.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated and to the sustained efforts of our 4th graders!!!We are so proud of you!

Become a supporter: https://www.orangutan.de

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Simple Machines

Our first graders have been learning about different simple machines and undertaking lots of different practical experiments. Pulling our ISHR car for example.

Today’s activity aligns with our current unit of inquiry about ‘Simple Machines’. Our Central idea for this unit is: ‘Simple machines help make our live easier’. Students have actively participated in learning and identifying many examples of simple machines such as levers, wedges, inclined planes, wheel and axles and pulleys. 

Today we focused on pulleys and the science behind them. We tried to pull a car using a pulley and found that using a pulley made it much easier for us.

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Spirit Day Fundraiser Raises 400 €

We’re so proud of our student council for engaging their classmates and raising more than 400 € for the Obdachlosenhilfe Hannover, which serves our local homeless community.

If you wish to donate to the cause, please visit this website.


Huge Donation to the Tafel!

Our students have been collecting food for the Langenhagener-Tafel.de – a non-profit aid organization that distributes donated food to the needy.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated so generously!!!

Another special THANK YOU goes out to grade 5S for helping to organize the collection and sorting/loading all of the donations.

If you would like to donate, click on this link.

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Spirit Day

Our students have organized a spirit day for the whole school to wear seasonal winter attire on Wednesday the 15th of December.

A donation of 2 euros, or more would be great and will go to the Obdachlosenhilfe that helps homeless people in Hannover, especially over the cold winter months.

Members of the student council will collect the money at both entrances in the morning.

  • Dressing up – 1 point towards the prize
  • Donating – 1 point towards the prize
  • Dressing up and Donating – 3 points towards the prize
  • The most festive homeroom will win a prize!

We are excited to see the school spirit! ❄️

If you would like more information on the Obdachlosenhilfe and what they do, you can check this website: https://www.obdachlosenhilfe.org.

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ZEIT-LEO writing contest – a success story!

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ISHR’s grade 4 students train with World champions

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Happy Halloween Everyone!