This section contains the Application for Admission form to the various sections of the school. Please refer to the admission policy to be found under Admission/General Information regarding details on the admission procedure.

Admissions Coordinator

PatrĂ­cia de Almeida Santelmann 
Phone   +49 (0) 511 270 426 95
Fax      +49 (0) 511 270 416 51


How to Apply

We look forward to receiving your application! In order to apply, please fill out the application form below which can also be downloaded and printed if you wish.

To submit your application form online, please download the form that can be found above and email it to Patricia de Almeida Santelmann. For hard copy applications, please send the completed application form back to us by fax/post.

All admissions correspondence and documents should be addressed to:

International School Hannover Region
Bruchmeisterallee 6
30169 Hannover

Fax      +49 (0) 511 270 416 51

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