Thank you for your interest in International School Hannover Region (ISHR).

We are excited for you to learn more about our school, its culture, and our world-class academic programs. Roughly 50% of our student population are international students whose families have relocated, temporarily or long-term, to Hannover from around the globe, and the other half are local German families who value an international education built around the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum in an English speaking school. Whichever group your family belongs to, we warmly welcome you.

We have over 60 nationalities represented at ISHR and are proud of our diversity and culture of inclusion. We offer the three main programs of the IB: the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) in our Primary School (Ages 3 - Grade 5), and in the Secondary School the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) in grades 6 – 10, and the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) in grades 11 and 12. 

Choosing a school for your child is an enormous responsibility; we don't take your trust lightly. Our admissions team is ready to help you through our application process and will answer any questions you many have.


Interested in a visit or have any questions?

For students entering the school from 3-year-old kindergarten - Grade 12, please contact Patricia de Almeida Santelmann, our Admissions Coordinator.

ISHR Grade Level Comparison

ISHR assigns students to grades based on their age on 30st September of the year they apply to the school. The names of grades in the US, UK and Indian systems of education differ for any given age. To prevent confusion that can stem from this difference, we have provided a chart comparing the grades, based on the age of the student. Philosophically, ISHR does not agree with accelerating students grade level past their age for a variety of reasons.

School levelsStudent ageISHR gradeUSA/Japan/Australia/Canada/India gradeUK/Korea/India gradeItalyFranceSpain
Primary3-4Pre Kindergarten NurseryasiloPS1° Ed. Infantil
 4-5Junior Kindergarten ReceptionasiloMS2° Ed. Infantil
 5-6Senior Kindergarten5KYear 1asiloGS3° Ed. Infantil
 6-7Grade 1Grade 1Year 21a elemCP1° Primaria
 7-8Grade 2Grade 2Year 32a elemCE12° Primaria
 8-9Grade 3Grade 3Year 43a elemCE23° Primaria
 9-10Grade 4Grade 4Year 54a elemCM14° Primaria
 10-11Grade 5Grade 5Year 65a elemCM25° Primaria
Middle11-12Grade 6 (MYP 1)Grade 6Year 7 1a media6ème6° Primaria
 12-13Grade 7 (MYP 2)Grade 7Year 82a media5ème1° ESO
 13-14Grade 8 (MYP 3)Grade 8Year 93a medis4ème2° ESO
High14-15Grade 9 (MYP 4)Grade 9Year 101 liceo3ème3° ESO
 15-16Grade 10 (MYP 5)Grade 10Year 112 liceo2nde4° ESO
 16-17Grade 11 (IBDP 2)Grade 11Year 123 liceo1ère1° Bachillerato
 17-18Grade 12 (IBDP 1)Grade 12Year 134 liceoTerminale2° Bachillerato
 18-19   5 liceo  


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As a leader in international education, ISHR offers the full IB continuum for students from 3-year-old kindergarten through Grade 12. Click here to begin the application process.

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General information

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