Hannover Marathon 2024

The ISHR community made a resounding impact during the Hanover Marathon Weekend 2024. From parents to students, the collective spirit was evident throughout the events.

Saturday saw a flurry of activity as parents and students tackled the shorter distances together, epitomizing unity and determination.


Sunday marked the pinnacle of their achievements as three ISHR Mustang Relay Teams took to the streets. Encouraged by cheers from colleagues, parents, and even the school’s giant inflatable unicorn, they embarked on the monumental task of collectively completing the full marathon distance.

With unwavering support from enthusiastic staff, PTA members, and Friends of the School, the teams followed the broken green line, symbolizing resilience and endurance.

Their efforts paid off as all three teams crossed the finish line triumphantly, showcasing the power of community and determination.

ISHR Relay Team Raises €707 for Children for a Better World

Congratulations to our student relay team at for transforming their race into a meaningful Service as Action (CAS) endeavor! Their goal of generating €500 in support of the charity Children for a Better World was not only achieved but exceeded, with an impressive €707 raised through their dedicated efforts.