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ISMTF Competition in Vienna

Over the weekend, a team of 9th and 10th grade students from ISHR participated in the ISMTF Junior Mathematics Competition held in Vienna. The competition attracted several international schools from around the globe, providing a platform for individual and group competitions as well as a math-based scavenger hunt in Vienna’s city center.

The team represented ISHR with class and confidence, producing some exciting results. Among the 145 participants in the individual competition, a 10th-grade student placed 10th, which is a remarkable achievement. Furthermore, in the group competition, consisting of 10th and 9th graders, the team placed fourth on the leaderboard. Additionally, a member of the team was also part of the winning scavenger hunt team. All the students from the school put in exceptional performances, and their collaborative spirit was commendable.

Aside from the competition, the team also had some fun exploring Vienna’s remarkable Natural History Museum, strolling through the Laimgrube neighborhood, and trying out Vienna’s classic Wiener Schnitzel for dinner. The group also took some time to tour the vibrant inner city on Saturday.

Overall, the school is proud of the students for their good character and resilient spirit throughout the trip, showcasing the results of their hard work and dedication to learning.