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Last week, our grade 4 students got to train with World champions, Olympic champions, and Champions League winners, when the players of TuS Vinnhorst visited. Our students were amazed when they heard about the successes of Vinnhorst’s coach Davor Dominikovic.

“It’s great to see how enthusiastic the students were. It’s very important for us to show the youngsters how much fun our sport is,” said team captain Maurice Lungela after the sports lesson, “and there was also a lot of talent! Goalkeeper Stefan Hanemann said: “It was incredible fun. The kids were really ambitious, and I had to really stretch myself.”

In total, TuS will gave four plus hours of their time to train with our students, and additionally hosted some question and answer sessions over the course of two days. In addition, ISHR students received complimentary tickets for the next game in Vinnhorst to see these players in action. According to Coach Davor Dominikovic: “It was a very good event, and a lot of fun for everyone. If we manage to get some kids excited about our sport, we’ve already won something.”